Havn is a boutique business law firm. We help our clients to make better business. By passion, expertise and creativity.




Our work at Havn is guided by four core values: passion, professionalism, creativity and effectiveness.




The first secret of success is passion. Passion creates know-how. Know-how creates results. Results create legends.


We love our job. Without passion and uncompromising ambition to be better every day, you won’t win champions. We are ready to go that extra mile what makes the difference. Our clients hire us to bring results, and we love winning.




Professionalism means us not only the strong legal expertise but also the deep knowledge of the business areas we work within. We do only things where we are extremely good at.

Know yourself and your strengths, deliver quality.




We believe in the power of creativity. Creativity is an ability to see things differently, to find hidden opportunities, and to generate solutions that others don’t even think. Creativity is a way to be steps ahead of competitors.


In a legal context creativity means not only an ability to use law as a tool and element to protect client’s rights best way possible but also an ability to grow client’s brand and productivity, to create new business opportunities, and to bring right people together. It is an ability to make successful business.


A legal expertise is just one piece of this puzzle and a lawyer needs wider know-how and creativity to make this promise a reality. That’s why a great lawyer is a great businessperson who thinks already the next three moves before anybody else has reached the first. A great lawyer is a tight package of creativity, social and sales skills and willingness to work harder than others.


Our job is to use all those skills and create innovative and effective solutions that help our clients to succeed.




Almost two decades’ hard work in the international professional sports and business world have taught us the number one rule in the top sports and business: in the end, only the results matter.